Friday, October 13, 2017

The Aloha spirit -You feel it the moment you arrive in the open air airport of Maui. When in Hawaii, you should do as the Hawaiians do – days at the beach, nights with friends and family and plenty of good food all day. While there are plenty of amazing hotels on the island, there’s something special about cozying up in your own home with loved ones. That’s why we recommend Luxury Retreats for Maui house rentals.

Here’s our perfect day on Maui while staying at the Sunny Surf Retreat:


Trust us, you’re going to want to get up early in Hawaii. The sound of birds chirping and the smell of plumeria is the perfect accompaniment to a morning meditation on the ocean view balcony. We’ll admit though that in this paradise, it’s hard to keep your eyes shut.

Maybe a sun salutation will fit the bill instead. Take your yoga mat down to the pool and enjoy your own private practice. Unlike those yoga classes in your local gym, there’s no need to fight for space in this luxury villa.


After you’ve woken up a bit, it’s time for breakfast and of course, that famous Hawaiian coffee.
Spend time assembling the most Instagram-worthy Acai bowl. Top it with chia seeds, dragon fruit, and fresh berries for a boost of extra energy because you’re going to need it for your big day on Maui.

Share a cup of coffee outside with your mom, friend, or partner while you watch the ocean waves dance in the distance and plan out what to do for the day.


After breakfast, ignore the no swimming rule after you eat and head to your private beach. Oh yeah, did we mention that you can choose a retreat with your own private beach? With Luxury Retreat’s booking tool, it was simple to select a home with a beach at it’s door. In the winter months, you may even be lucky enough to spot a whale or two swimming back and forth.


By now, your tummy may be rumbling so it’s time to go explore the island and find some delicious local fare.

We love road trips and there’s no better place than Hawaii to roll your windows down, blast the tunes, and drive. Jump in your rental car, conveniently parked in your driveway, and head out on palm tree lined, curvy roads. At every turn, you’ll have a new view of the ocean and the luscious flora and fauna.

You may want to stop at a fruit stand on your way for a snack. Many of the farms in Hawaii will allow you to leave some cash in exchange for fresh produce.

We recommend you head to Paia, our favorite town in Maui. You’ll enjoy the laidback hippie vibe in this coastal town and have plenty of shopping and restaurant options to keep you entertained for hours.

Our favorite place to eat is Mama’s Fish House – make sure you call ahead for reservations! This popular fish eatery books out fast.


After lunch, you’ll need to re-energize yourself and what better way to do that than shopping?

Downtown in Paia, you can shop for unique handcrafted goods for your home or pick up a new swimsuit (or two).

While you’re out, you may want to pick up a fresh bouquet of tropical flowers to spruce up your bedroom at home in your Luxury Retreat. The abundance of flowers on the island makes buying a bouquet much more affordable than on the mainland.

One of the best benefits of staying in a Luxury Retreat on Maui is having your own private and spacious kitchen. While it is possible to arrange for a chef to cook for you, today you’re ready to test your culinary skills. You pick up all the fresh produce you need for a delicious BBQ and jump in your car to return to your rental.


Don’t go home without stopping for shaved ice first! Shaved Ice is the perfect treat for a hot afternoon and it is, as the name implies, delicately shaved ice made into a round shape. Most of the shops have dozens of flavors to choose from and some even put a core of soft serve ice cream in the middle.

When in Hawaii, choose flavors like pineapple, passion fruit, banana…the flavor combinations are endless and you’ll love this sweet treat!


Back at your luxury retreat, it’s time to take a quick dip in the pool and maybe a snooze in the sun.

If you’re feeling extra luxurious, sprinkle fresh plumeria and hibiscus flowers in your bathtub for a blissful soak.


After your relaxing afternoon, it’s time to start preparing your delicious meal. You have no neighbors or paper thin walls to worry about so you can blast your favorite music throughout the house.

Mix up some fun cocktails and get the party started.


Light candles and really make this dinner a special occasion. Your loved ones and friends will love the presentation.


Make a pact – no phones during dinner! Enjoy each other’s company and the ohana spirit.
There’s nothing better than bonding with your friends and family while on vacation.


Dance the night away in your backyard or hop into the pool for a relaxing night swim.


You may be exhausted from a fully packed day or just jetlagged – either way, go to bed early nice and relaxed after your exciting day. Your comfortable bed and lazy fans overhead will be the perfect things for a good night’s sleep.

For us, this is the perfect day on Maui and while there are numerous lodging choices on the island, we have to say, it’s nice to have the creature comforts of a beautiful luxury home.
You’ll definitely ask yourself, “When can we come back?”

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