Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Traveling to Nicaragua? What to pack in that tiny suitcase of yours (because we promise that’s all you will need). Ditch the jewelry and leave the makeup at home. Nicaragua is simple and charming and is the perfect place to be inspired to live a more simple life. All you really need is your bathing suit, flip-flops and rash gaurd (you WILL be surfing).  I mean seriously don’t even worry about painting your nails. Life here is simply uncomplicated.

You know the moment  you’ve returned from a trip and realize how ridiculously you overpacked…and you promise yourself you’ll do better next time.  That’s me. So I’m writing it all down (because I know I’ll be back). Here’s some great advice for packing for your Nicaragua adventure.

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1. Yoga clothes – settle into the right mindset with morning yoga.

2. Rash guard – you’re  going to need this.

3. Zinc sunscreen – take care of your skin while you’re riding those waves.

4. Flip flops – just a notch above barefoot is all you need.

4. Hats – always a good idea.

5. Light and breezy dresses – perfect attire for the heat and humidity.

6. Blue jean shorts – put them on over your bathing suit and your ready for dinner.

7. Camera – your going to want to capture those amazing sunsets.

8. Cash- is always best to be prepared (and everyone takes American dollars).

2 Responses
  • globetrotting Mommy
    January 9, 2016

    I love everything in this picture! Do u know where I could find that camera strap???

    • The Simple Sol
      January 10, 2016

      Its vintage! But I love Love Birds LA Camera Straps! xx

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