Tuesday, January 24, 2017

In a few short days, The Simple Sol team will be jetting off to Nicaragua! We’ve spent a bit of time in the country before but this trip is going to show us a side we’ve never seen before! Scroll down for a sneak peek into the hotels we’ll be visiting, our style inspiration, and the amazing activities we’re looking forward to!

The Tribal Hotel

What We’re Looking Forward To:

It’s easy to see why this hotel could be considered the most beautiful boutique hotel in Nicaragua and it couldn’t make a more convenient stop before we head deeper into the country. We’ll be saying “cheers” with our cocktails by the gorgeous pool and slipping right into vacation mode. What a perfect start!

Mukul & Morgan’s Rock

What We’re Looking Forward To:

We’re splitting our time between two of our favorite beach properties that sit right at the edge of the jungle, Mukul & Morgan’s Rock!  Although we probably spend most of our time surfing or in the spa, we are looking forward to horseback riding, golfing and even, helping out on the hotel’s farm (hey, someone’s got to help with the delicious farm-to-table meals). We picture our days going something like this: beach, eat, surf, relax, and repeat.

Shopping the Masaya Market

What We’re Looking Forward To:

Let’s be honest, our favorite part of any trip is exploring the local markets and picking up souvenirs made by talented artisans. There’s nothing better than coming home with amazing pieces that tell a story. This time, we’re looking forward to stuffing our suitcases with these wonderfully detailed, hand-woven hammocks. We can picture hanging around in these long after we leave Nicaragua. If you’d like us to bring you back one, pre-order HERE! 

Nekupe Sporting Resort and Retreat

What We’re Looking Forward To:

Nekupe is new luxury lodge in the Nicaragua Countryside and boasts a number of activities that would satisfy any active traveler! The extensive list includes cooking classes, sunrise yoga, stargazing, mountains biking, horseback riding, cigar tasting, all with the gorgeous backdrop of a 1,300-acre nature reserve! We are looking forward to re-charging our minds and bodies with fun activities, restorative natural scenes, and amazing meals cooked with locally sourced ingredients.

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  • Yvonne
    February 10, 2017

    Cool! Have fun in Nicaragua, it’s on my list too

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