Saturday, July 2, 2016

Why visit just one part of Nicaragua when there is so much to explore? This country is an undiscovered gem and here is our trusted collection of Nicaragua’s bests in the form of an easy and informative travel guide.

How to get there: Fly into Managua (MGA) and head to Granada. Ask your hotel to book a ride for you or take an official taxi outside the airport.


Where to stay: The Tribal Hotel in Granada

For more information on What to do & see: Trendsetter Tribal Hotel: Granada, Nicaragua

Nicaragua-The Simple Sol (1 of 1)-2

Where to stay next: Head on to your own private island by boat, Isleta El Espino and stay in their Eco Lodge. 

What to do in Isleta El Espino see: Your Own Private Island: Isleta El Espino, Nicaragua

Maderas_village_nicaragua_the_simple_sol (1 of 1)-6

Where to end your trip: Playa Maderas  and stay at the Maderas Village for an off the grid beach getaway


If you’re looking for a hot shower and a bit more lux, head to The Emerald Coast and stay at the Mukul Resort for a lavish last night in Nicaragua.


Wondering what to pack? Check out our Nicaraguan Packing Guide

This was one of my favorite all time trips and a destination worthy of anyone’s bucket list.  – The Simple Sol

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