Looking For The Ultimate Yoga Retreat? 8 Reasons A Trip To The Feathered Pipe Ranch Will Change Your Life.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Looking for a place to reconnect with yourself and nature? Get away from the busyness of your everyday routine and make a change in your  life? A yoga retreat can recharge and reshape your outlook, whether you want to turn your focus inward or just get away from it all – The Feathered Pipe Ranch is my #1 pick for a life changing retreat.IMG_9670IMG_1377 1. The Ranch: Nestled in a valley beneath the Montana mountains, this rustic retreat will provide everything you need for relaxation and restoration. The healing energy of the land will leave an imprint on your heart. IMG_1323 2014-07-17 20.06.17 2. Surrounded by nature: WE ARE NATURE, but sometimes it takes more trees and greenery to feel that part of us. Take a hike, or swim in the lake, go for a horse back ride, or sink your toes into the soft grass and listen to the shimmer of the aspen leaves. What better way to feel totally one with nature. IMG_0812IMG_6936_zps5bf5fdd6.jpg3. The people you’ll meet: Spending the week with like minded yogis from all over the world – is reason enough to come to the Feathered Pipe Ranch. But their intimate yoga workshops provide the perfect setting to build deep friendships; lasting bonds reminiscent of the ones you made at childhood summer camp. IMG_10424. Digital Detox: The perfect place to turn off the technology and get away from it all. With no TVS or cell reception, you’re left with little distraction from the outside world – leaving you plenty of time to focus on yourself. IMG_9780IMG_1535 5. The Night Sky At the Feathered Pipe, Stargazing is a main attraction. With little to no light pollution the constellations are brighter than you’ve ever seen, reminding us we are all connected in this beautiful universe. IMG_9875IMG_0509-Edit  6. World Renowned Yoga Teachers: They bring in the worlds top teachers. For the past four years I’ve been attending my favorites, Erich Schiffmanns workshop. But there is sure to be something for everyone! IMG_1345 IMG_1517 7. You’ll leave with a heart full of Gratitude: You know they say the more you give thanks, the more life will give you to be thankful for”. You’ll be leaving here with a suitcase full of gratitude. Gratitude for the land, the people you’ve met, the teachings you’ve learned and the more connected you are with yourself. Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude; it’ll change your life IMG_9908 8. Magical Montana: In the summer time- the nights are cool and the days are long. Surrounded by the mountains and the Big Sky, you’re wrapped up in all of it’s Grace. With stellar sunsets and lots of sunshine – summers in Montana will make you feel a world away.DSC4972_optSunset_opt

9. Relaxation: In the words of my Yoga Teacher Erich Schiffmann ” RELAAAAXXXXX” – no but really…you don’t realize how tense you are until you’ve had a good dose of relaxation. All the relaxing you’ll do at the Feathered Pipe will leave you clear and connected.

Feathered Pipe Ranch

xx- The Simple Sol


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  • Veena Grover RYT
    September 3, 2015

    Looking for Retreat to practice yoga and Meditation.Thanks

  • M-H
    September 24, 2015

    This place looks AMAZING!!! I’ve been keen on finding a good yoga retreat and thinking costa rica and other places out of the country…but I forget that there are others nationally that might be just as healing….

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