Saturday, July 30, 2016

After our trip to Jackson Hole we headed in to Yellowstone National Park – this time we skipped past the geo thermal pools and headed straight for the Northeast corner of the park for The Lamar Valley!  I saw my first grizzly bear and black bear, baby wolves, baby bison and so much more. It was absolutely magical and in my opinion such a prettier part of the park!

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We stayed in cozy little cabins with out any cell service or wifi!

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On the way up from Jackson Hole we tried to limit the number of stop offs so that we could make good time getting to the Northeast corner of the park. We did make one stop at Artist Point to see the beautiful waterfall!

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For two days we got up at the crack of dawn to search for animals.

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We went on a beautiful 8 mile hike up to Mount Washburn and drove up the famous Beartooth Highway. The yellow wild flower fields are just past Tower Falls!

beartooth highway view (1 of 1)Jackson_Hole_wyoming_the_simple_sol (1 of 1)-10IMG_2357

Guide to the Northeast Corner of Yellowstone

Getting there: Drive down through Gardner (the original entrance) or from Jackson Hole through the south entrance outside passing Oxbow bend, Artists Point and the Geo Thermal Pools!

Where to Stay: Roosevelt Lodge

What to Bring: Bear Spray (trust me), Hiking Shoes, Layers (the mornings are chilly), a Water Bottle, Lotion (the air is very dry), and your Camera!

What to Do: Animal Sightings are the best – from Grizzly Bears to Black Bears – to hundreds of Bison…you will see it all! Early Morning and Evening are best time to spot the wolf packs! Drive the Beartooth Highway.  Run through the flower fields just past Tower Falls and hike Mount Washburn.

Day trip from Jackson Hole: If you are day tripping from Jackson Hole you probably don’t have time to make it to this part of Yellowstone but if you have the flexibility definitely try and stay a night or two on this side of the park you won’t regret it!

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