Wednesday, October 5, 2016

With 24 hours in Dubai what should one do and see? That was the main question on our minds as we were planning for our long stop over in the United Arab Emirates, en route to the Maldives! Here is how we recommend you spend your time:

9:00 AM  Arrival into Dubai Airport: Customs are quick and easy and your driver will be waiting to pick you up just on the other side! Did you know Business or First Class seats on Emirates score you your own driver while in Dubai!

9:30 AM Head Straight for the Armani Hotel Dubai(which has the best location btw), located right downtown and inside the tallest building in the world –  the Burj Kalifi!  You’re in the heart of Dubai and just next door to the Dubai Mall! dubai_the_simple_sol-1-of-1-6

10:30 AM  Head to the top of Burj Kalifa:  Conveniently located where you’re staying! The observation deck is on the 148th floor and overlooks the city! Tip: You’ll need to make reservations in advance. Tickets on the spot can be almost double the price!




11:30 AM Order an UberCHOPPER ride:  For a 25 minute helicopter ride over Dubai’s skyline! It’s actually more impressive from up above than on ground level!

1:00 PM High Tea at the Burj Al Arab:  The Sky View Bar has  spectacular views over the water and it is the only 7 star hotel in the world.


3:00 PM Head out on Desert Safari:   Take your own private 4 x 4 vehicle! Get ready for some Dune Bashing, Camel Riding, Belly Dancing and dinner under the stars!


9:00 PM Arrive back at the Armani Hotel:  You may be totally wiped, but muster the strength and get upstairs to freshen up, you can’t leave Dubai with out one last thing…

10:00 PM A little late night Shopping:  The Dubai Mall is the largest Mall in the world, and it is open until 1:00 AM!  It’s the perfect opportunity to pick up a couple of last minute things before you head on to your next destination.

9:00 AM It’s back to the airport and on to your next destination:
Note: When you have 24 hours or less in Dubai, they count it as a “Stop Over” so your bags will be checked through all the way to your final destination!


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